Tulip Poplar - Liriodendron tulipifera

The TulipPoplar Tree is a fast growing tree with a stark contrast between the heartwood and the sapwood, resulting in a very dramatic color shift in the bowl. The wood is more porous and light than many other woods, but the unique color variation makes this an exciting wood to carve.

modern decor - Poplar Bowl - 2015-02

Poplar Bowl - 2015-02

$ 500 USD



Polished interior. Polished exterior.

modern decor - Poplar Bowl 2011-15

Poplar Bowl 2011-15

$ 500 USD



Polished interior, polished exterior.

modern decor - Poplar Bowl 2011-08

Poplar Bowl 2011-08

$ 500 USD



Polished interior. Polished exterior.